Racial Justice Statement

I am writing this statement to address this critical moment in our history as well as to share with you my response and commitment to racial justice, inclusion, and equity.

I wish to acknowledge that I am a white female, writing from that perspective. I am dedicated to growing in my own awareness of the ways our society centers whiteness and identifies within the white frame of the dominant culture. I acknowledge that there is much for me to learn; I am committed to educating myself and seeking out educational opportunities.

I am deeply saddened and angered by the ongoing violence inherent to and expressed within the context of systemic racism in the United States. I am also deeply impassioned by the cultural revolution in response to longstanding injustices in our country. I wish to support this collaborative cultural movement founded in racial justice and will work to actively oppose the impact of unconscious institutionalized racism on Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC).

As a psychologist, I am committed to work towards anti-racism, endeavoring to decrease harm toward BIPOC, and also addressing any disconnect between my work in the world and the realities of BIPOC.

I am committed to several immediate action items, listed below. This list will continue to adapt and grow as I learn more, particularly from clients and the broader community. I invite your input, your passion, and the authentic truth of your experience.


• I am actively educating myself in understanding and dismantling white supremacy and giving credit to the important work done by BIPOC in the fields of psychology, neuroscience, the science of aging, race, and justice. I am committed to expanding my training to meet clients fully in their experiences of race, justice, and power.

• I am an active member of my church and am part of a Race and Justice task force.

• I am involved in an affinity group and participate in regular, ongoing conversations regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion.

• I volunteer locally with Seattle World School and am committed to donating to the Equal Justice Initiative.

• I am devoted to making informed decisions that will help me meet clients where they are at in their experiences of race, justice, and power.

I understand that this work is not easy, but I am committed to the work that needs to be done to best support, advocate, and empower those in our community, our country, and our world.


Karen Tanzy, PhD
Aging With Creativity, LLC

Aging With Creativity, LLC
Karen Tanzy, PhD
Seattle, WA 98107
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