About Aging With Creativity

As ever increasing numbers of people reach older ages, new questions and challenges arise:

  • How will we honor our elders’ wisdom?
  • How will elders remain vibrant and valued members of our society?
  • How will we journey together into new realms of possibility?

Aging With Creativity, LLC was developed to help address these big questions. While there are obvious challenges in aging, there are also wonderful opportunities for elders to have a positive effect on our world. Our work honors the unique strengths that older adults have gained as a result of their advanced years.

To highlight the healthy, positive possibilities of growing older, Aging With Creativity invites older adults with

  • creative aging classes
  • creative film experience
  • intergenerational projects

Aging with Creativity invites you to

  • Join the wave of vitally aging elders.
  • Imagine a world in which advanced aging connotes beauty, wisdom, and radiance.
  • Readjust your focus from “retirement” to “engagement” with life.

See our Services page to find out how to get involved!

Aging With Creativity, LLC
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