Mindfulness Meditation Classes

Based on her teacher certification training and her own meditation practice, Karen offers a variety of mindfulness meditation class series. Themes include:

  • Mindful Presence
  • Mindfulness of Breath and Body
  • Loving-kindness Practice
  • Mindfulness of Thoughts and the Mind
  • Gifts of Mindfulness as We Age
  • Mindfulness of Feelings and Emotions
  • Compassion for Self and Others
  • Mindfulness Inspired by Nature

Mindful Presence

Potential Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation include:
• Responding more skillfully to stress
• Managing health challenges more effectively
• Experiencing more energy and zest for life
• Increased ability to cope with psychological symptoms
• Cultivating more kindness for self and others

Through the training and practice of mindfulness meditation, we can learn ways to be more grounded in the present moment, ease and nourish our hearts and minds, and build supportive connections with others. Karen presents Mindfulness Meditation courses in which she incorporates teachings (including current research on benefits of practice), guides experiential meditation practices, responds to questions, as well as provides time for community building.

Karen has been practicing Mindfulness Meditation for several years. Most recently, she engaged in a 2-year Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Program led by psychologists Jack Kornfield, PhD and Tara Brach, PhD. As a graduate of this professional training program for teaching awareness and compassion-based practices, she is now a certified mindfulness teacher.

“We offer our blessings and confidence in support of the MMTCP graduates of our worldwide teacher training. We honor the quality of what they have to offer, and the healing and awakening that these teachings and practices bring to our world.”

–With Metta, Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach

Classes need to have a minimum of 6 participants and a maximum of 12 participants and can be customized based on your organization or individual needs. Contact Karen for more information.


“Between the stimulus and the response there is a space, and in that space is your power and your freedom.”

-Viktor Frankl

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